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The following are a selection of articles, books and other projects that Gaddo has either written or contributed to:


Using SQLite on Android (2012)

How to be Massively Multiplayer and Mobile (2007)

Validating Incoming Clients for Anonymous Proxy Use (2002)

The Importance of Mobile Pre-Emptive Navigation (2007)

Catching the Wireless Wave, B2B Magazine (2001)

WAP's Moot Obituary (2001)

An ASP WAP Emulator using the XMLDOM (2000)

Mobile first, Web Second (2007)


The WAP Programming Bible (2001)

Developing Industrial Case-Based Reasoning Applications (1999, contributer)

free whitepapers

Strategy for Cross-Platform Mobile Development (2010)

policy papers

Commission for Communications Regulation of Ireland framework document on Value-added Text Messaging (SMS) Services (2002, contributer)

mobile apps

Droid Dictator (2014, Android)

Suisse Clock (2011, Android)

Janus Gateway (2009, Android, Symbian)

Robo Rover (2015, Android)

Echo Messenger (2009, Android)

open source projects

WURLF: the Wireless Universal Resource File (2000, contributer)

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