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Gaddo F. Benedetti is an independent consultant specializing in both Internet and the mobile telecom spheres. He offers project management, strategic consultancy and development services in:

  • Smartphone Apps – Native, Web and hybrid
  • Mobile Mobile Messaging Solutions
  • App Market Ecosystem Services – ASO and Market strategies
  • IoT and Embedded Systems
  • Brochureware through to n-tier Web Applications
  • Distributed Applications, Cloud and Web Services
  • Database Solutions

Gaddo is presently not accepting new contracts or projects.

"Gaddo has a deep knowledge of the mobile (in particular) and internet spaces. He was great to use as a consultant - responded promptly to questions and issues and helped me cut through the bulls**t that went with the project. He saved me and and the project a lot of time and money."

Keith Bohanna
Head of Digital CX
Bank of Ireland, Ireland

"Gaddo was an expert in mobile phone web applications before I even knew they existed. The unique blend of technical proficiency and business sense Gaddo brought to the projects we worked on together (things involving Wap, mobile gateways, SMS engines) at Labyrinth was invaluable."

Jean-Philippe Moresmau
Chief Architect
ASG Software Solutions, France

"Gaddo is one of those rare people who combines deep technical knowledge with strong business acumen."

Ciaran Bradley
Chief Technology Officer
AdaptiveMobile, Ireland

"Mit seinem umfangreichen und äusserst fundierten Fachwissen erzielte er stets deutlich überdurchschnittliche Erfolge... So erreichte er stets ein hervorragendes Arbeitsergebnis."

Patrick Hofer
Kaufcom GmbH, Switzerland

"I found him to be thorough, and a brilliant communicator. It was always a pleasure to work with him because he did not just deliver what we asked for, but he also anticipated our future needs and where urgent would go ahead and include what we need. I would work with him again."

Mark Breen
Margin Business Solutions Ltd, Ireland

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