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Droid Dictator

Download Droid Dictator for Android

Droid Dictator is a free, casual game of strategy, loosely based on a classic ZX Spectrum classic 8bit game, where you play the newly 'elected' dictator of the Republic of Erutania.

Carefully balance the loyalty and relative strengths of your nation's various groups, while avoiding or defeating assassination attempts, invasions from neighbouring Alsinistra and the ever-looming threat of revolution. All while salting away state funds to your Swiss bank account for the day you can finally retire to a beach.

Droid Dictator is specifically designed with the casual strategy fan in mind, supporting the ability to jump in or out of a game whenever you like, as it will always remember where you were last.


Suisse Clock

Download Suisse Clock for Android

Suisse Clock is a home screen clock widget in the form of a Swiss car number plate. The cantonal registration and emblem are configurable (click on it to access the settings), allowing you to change to whichever Swiss canton you choose, as well as a number of non-standard city registrations, such as Biel/Bienne, Lausanne, Lugano, Thun, Uster or Winterthur, or even choose Liechtenstein.


Janus Gateway

Download Janus Gateway Free for Android

Download Janus Gateway Pro for Android

Download Janus Gateway Free for Symbian

The Janus Gateway is a light and efficient 2-way SMS manager, designed to apply pre-defined rules to incoming messages, and optionally respond to the sender. It's designed to operate on compatible Android smartphones and (GSM enabled) tablets for low to medium level traffic.

What happens when the Janus Gateway is active and a message arrives to the device, is that first the text of the incoming message is read by the Janus Gateway to see if it begins with certain keywords, associated with a user defined rule.

Once a match is found, the rule may optionally connect to the Internet (sending on the message details), then reply with the Internet response or instead a static, predefined, reply - or not reply at all. Once processed, the rule may also purge the message from the inbox and log the message to the Janus Gateway logs.


Robo Rover

Download Robo Rover for Android

Robo Rover is a free and fun game that requires very fast thinking.

You're controlling a probe roving the surface of Jupiter's moons. Your mission is to safely direct the probe to collect mineral samples for study. Problem is, that because of the distance to the probe you need to send your instructions to it as navigational transmissions.

There are many obstacles on the moon's surface. Some are simply barriers that will block the probe from continuing. Others are more dangerous and can result in your probe being fried or falling down a chasm. When that happens your probe will need to be replaced from the orbiting mission ship.

Not all obstacles are bad though; some are additional samples that award bonus scores. And as you progress you'll find more and newer obstacles on the moon's surface. Maybe even alien life!


Echo Messenger

Download Echo Messenger for Android

Receive or send texts via free or cheap Web SMS gateways of your choice.

Echo Messenger is an alternative SMS client, just like the one that comes with your Android smartphone, but including support for functionality such as sending SMS messages via third-party free or cheap Web-based SMS gateways and the ability to send messages using a desktop Web browser, over WiFi.


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