Gaddo F Benedetti has been working in IT since the mid-nineties, where he was developing database backed business applications before moving into the Internet, Case Base Reasoning technologies and the burgeoning Mobile Internet. Of the last, he was chief architect of the Digifone (O2 Ireland) WAP portal, as well as writing numerous articles and a book on the technology.

Surviving the dotcom, he went on to found and run mPerium, a mobile consultancy before moving on to other projects and companies in Ireland and the UK, including Vodafone, dotMobi and Zamano.

Gaddo works on a project, contract and (occasionally) permenant basis, for public and private sector bodies throughout Europe. His focus remains in both mobile and fixed line Internet related technologies, but importantly only in how they can complement a business rather than the reverse - from start ups looking to apply the right technology to their business model, through to multinationals and government bodies seeking to leverage their assets in the most efficient and cost effective manner. He also regularly writes and speaks publicly in these areas.

If you are interested in speaking with Gaddo on what he can do for you or your originization, please feel free to contact him.